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PROPERTY INVESTORS AGENT 2023 - Midland Property Awards

Property Development: Risk Assessment is key

A recent article in Property Investor News outlining a JV we undertook with an investment partner. The article gives a summary of the development project, focusing on key issues and challenges we had in taking the project to completion. A great read for those looking to understand the complexities of dealing with a partially completed development project.

Building Cash Equity

An article we recently had published in Your Property Network (YPN) Property Magazine. The article provides some ideas on how to maintain capital equity and grow liquid cash in a falling property market. With a determined attitude and robust discipline we are firmly of the opinion that investing in property during a recession is potentially the best time to get involved.

Adapting and Adding Value

An article containing an interview with our Investment Director John Raiye about his career as a property investor. The interview was conducted by Property Investor News journal. The article contains insight into deals, investment opportunities and wealth creating strategies employed by us in the past 10 years through the property boom and more recently during the property recession.

A Career in Surveying

A RICS prospectus on opportunities available while working as a Chartered Surveyor. Contains several brief interviews with new and existing surveyors, who share their views and opinions on what it is like to be a surveyor. You can find a short interview with one of our investment team members on page 10, where he briefly discusses his career as a property investor as well as shares his experience and thoughts about becoming a RICS Surveyor.

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